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nicolu at chutelibre.org nicolu at chutelibre.org
Tue Jun 15 13:21:32 CEST 2004

ola marion and others sorry for delaying the report. We had three
different people taking minutes during the meeting and didn't organize
well to do it quick and I was personally away in the countryside with
permanent caravan project and quite unable to get internet connection or
eletricity to do computer work.I'm going to try to send a first version of the report in the evening
which should answer the various questions.

Nevertheless : the 15th of june was the deadline to send presentation
texts for the various main political issues of the conference. It will
apparently have to be reported again as apprently sent anything.
the conference reader will contain both this political texts (if done) +
infos about pga and the problems that have to be discussed during this
conference about the network structures, politics and future. + a programm of the various workshops and debates.

There will also be a practical guide of the conference with all the
organisationnal + practical + logistical informations.
hopefully more in a few hours. (as far as I know the main thing missing
now is that people start applications and propositions for workshops).
/ nicolu

> ...again i wanted to ask for a report about the london meeting.
> and would it be also possible to summarise in some short words, what is
> up to now announced for the program? which day will be the gender day
> for example? this would be good to know for planning the rest of the
> program.
> another question: is the deadline for application of workshops the
> 1.July like it is announced on the webside? and which deadline is at
> the 15.June? i'm a bit confused.
> is the "printed conference-newsletter" the same as the
> "conference-reader"? and what will be the content of both?
> greetings, marion
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