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On Tue, 15 Jun 2004 06:37:59 -0700 javier <javier at spc.org> wrote:
>Global movement : Are we a mouvement ? what next ? Going out of the
>ghetto ? : skrati[AT]yahoo.com / javier[AT]spc.org

We have had a discussion about the use of the word Ghetto and its use
in this way has been shown to be racist.

What does that mean?

It means that when discussions are put out with this heading, is thta
most Black people will be less inclined to attend the conference because
they know the organisers are taking the piss.

As this is an issue which has already been raised, I can only assume
that the use of it here is deliberate, a sort of "hardboy" machismo about
not caring for sissy quibbles.

After the postponement of PGA meeting the author spoke to us dissmissively
suggesting that the issues we were raising were trvial.

This is how institutional racism works in the PGA.

The final insult was to be told that they considered their work in the
European Social Forum as their real political work, and PGA as a holiday
. . . this from a person who the PGA paid to go to a preparatory meeting
in Belgrade.

How can these issues be left to the conference when it is precisely now,
 just as Nico himself pointed out, the white middle class guys are going
around dominating.

Seems like these alternatives to capitalism are simply the same old "shit"
(to use one of Nico's favourite terms) in new bottles.

That's all for now, folks!

West Essex Zapatista

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