[Pga_europe_process] proposed topics for the factoryand workingconditions day

Dimitris Pavlopoulos Dparlopoulos at wanadoo.nl
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I don't understand the objection to paying the tickets of workers and
immigrants to Belgrade. 
1.	What is "solidarity fond"? 
2.	To have these people in the conference is more important that
the cultural program. I remind you that we are organizing a political
and not a cultural event. That doesn't mean that we won't organize
concerts etc but our main task is to bring together anticapitalist
groups and activists to discuss and organize our struggle. Now, if we
don't talk about the labour issues and the immigrant issues I don't
understand what we are going to talk about. If we want to talk about
these issues we need people from various countries. And if we need these
people to come we need to cover their expenses (for a specific number of
them). That simple. 
3.	Ecotoilets versus worker activists! Well. 
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I think it's worth to spend some money to cover the expenses of these
people to Belgrade.
it's not a question of it is worth, of course it is. the question is if
it is more "worth"
than food or solidarity fond or something else, and where to find funds
for all of
it. the best solution i think is to try to find money for this by
applying for separate
funds for this, we are already doing the same here in belgrade. i would
like to
use this opportunity to call people to help collecting money for
solidarity fond/
food/cultural programme/ecotoilets... otherwise we have a problem.

stani pani kolektiv
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