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from peoples meeting in Resnik


IT WAS ENOUGH of humiliation and discrimination of us and our work by those who  facticly runs the PGA process in Belgrade (they hold the PGA money, making rulls of using the office and speaks in the name of PGA). Milan`s and Majda`s attitude blocking all further cooperation with us.  


THOSE WHO HAS MONEY ARE MAKING RULES. We are against that capitalistic concept!


We don`t want to do something that someone has decided beside us. We don`t care about private phone calls from the abroad because we don’t have bosses who giving us instructions. They could make a phonecall to God himself but we don’t give a shit about it. 


We are judging Milan`s pressures on our activist to move out from office in the center.  We all have agreement that everyone who works on PGA process and don’t have place to live are welcome to stay.

We don’t tolerate forcing seriousness by those who are buorocratizing the PGA process in Belgrade and turning it into non-govermental organization with only one job of sending `balls dingling` statements.

We don’t wanna to put our activities down because of PGA process. Those who left activism for building carrier now asking us why are we doing our own actions when there is conference job to do. 

We do not wanna to be disrespected `cause of our aproach to politic and life. We don’t tolerate forcing orders and discipline `cause we are not in the army. 


We shit on Andrej`s suptile threats with violence – we are ready even for that solution. 

We are strongly against Ivana`s idea for paying people who works on PGA (translations, food workers, etc.), because we think if it is not based on volontery work then there is no need to have something like that. 




We don’t want to participate in Ivana`s dream of helding conference in big city kongres hall Sava centar because we don’t want to create picture of PGA like legacy of Tito`s and Milosevic`s politics.


Our next question is: Is it possible that there will be no money for cultural program (that was decided in London, without us)????


Then we think that it was big mistake spending money for travel cost from Belgrade to London, and now we don’t have money for cultural part of conference. 


There are many talking behind our back on changing location. We want to inform you all that some people planing to held PGA conference in Jajinci and Vozdovac instead of Resnik and Rakovica. They are already looking for alternative location, not because existing location is lost but because they have political conection with local goverment on other location. 


Off course, they talk that no one turns back to Resnik, but facticly they are working nothing for the helding conference here. 


FROM THIS MOMENT WE CANCEL ALL COOPERATION WITH PEOPLE LIKE THOSE!!! Off course, we don’t want to make pressures on rest of our camarades who wanna continue to work with them because we think that this is on eveyones councesness.


We want to put accent on very bad human relations in DSM.

This is not question of diferent political opinion. 


We will continue further cooperation inside PGA network only with collectives and individuals who are not discriminate us.


STOP inposed cooperation!!!  


We will continue preparing of PGA conference in Resnik – Rakovica even without the money that they are helding now.  


There is room for staying in our office in Resnik for everyone who wants to help for organisation of PGA conference.


We call you to support us !!!  



People from Resnik involved in PGA process trought GDV, SUS, P.M.P.M. Crni Blok collectives from DSM coalition.


Contact: grupa_dobre_volje at yahoo.com



“Longer dem drag our feet - bigger we rise, stronger we grow.”


vL at St mAsHTi!!

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