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flexible work and flexibility: most of metal and car industry, as well
textile and food industry european workers, but also fast-food temporary
jobbers point  like one of the biggest actual fraud of the patronat: in the
theory it is 7 hours x 5days= 35 hours, but in reality it is 6 days per week
x 10-12 hours, the toilet and break  time not any more counted in the
work-time, the hours over 35 are not paid and the patronat has a right to
give a free day whenever it arrange them, but not a person concerned ;
flexibility in the various kind of jobs that one person has to effectuate;
in the factories the oldest worker don't accept the flexibility but the
young  and illegal ones yes, which means that the young  and illegal accept
nowadays all kind of  miserable pays : in one word  flexibility is a
disastrous capitulation and step back  on XX century hardly obtained,  basic
workers wrights.

the topics about precarious work-

How can precarious workers organize?
- What answers there are to precariousness?
- How work has changed?
- How we can get rid of work?

are of corse welcome in the debate with the factory and manual  workers who
how i see it, often paradoxaly don¹t have time to think about free time, or
about  transformation of work/labour materiality . that is the reason also
that  they are , generally, very hardly  leaving  their traditional
fixation towards the production tools even if those are completely
dilapidated.  that¹s what some no more employed  workers wont to point  also
out , in our debate.

conclusion:  definitely crossing of ( all type of)  work and non-work
experiences are more than welcome in our¹s , but generally in all political
debates dealing with the work conditions nowadays.

ps.tapio are u personally coming to belgrade to joint the discussion?

> We should also stress the issue of precarious work. Parttime work,
> flexible work, project work, "illegal" work is the reality for more and
> more of us. Uncertainty is becoming the norm. This idea of precariat could
> be way of connecting people in many situations and communicate struggles.
> Notice that I don't speak against flexibility and demand permanent jobs.
> What I'm interested is idea of guaranteed income.
> - How can precarious workers organize?
> - What answers there are to precariousness?
> - How work has changed?
> - How we can get rid of work?
> Two interesting links, maybe you know them:
> http://www.sindominio.net/karakola/precarias.htm
> http://www.chainworkers.org/
> Tapio
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