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> From the director's democracy to direct democracy
>A short handbook for a post-parliamentary project

We found this passage:

"Direct democracy is not just a system that can be used to organise society;
it can be used when making decisions on a small scale as well as on a
larger scale. It is also a way of stimulating the moulding of ideas and
active participation in decision-making processes. In a parliamentary
democracy, people are not asked for their ideas, but are asked to either
accept or reject ideas already prepared by so-called ‘experts’. In that
respect, direct democracy is radically different. In a direct democracy,
 the assumption is that people can decide for themselves what is best
for them. People don’t need ‘specialists’, such as politicians, managers,
 or trade union bosses, to decide on their behalf what they need on the
work floor and in their neighbourhoods. With direct democracy, people
take control of their own futures, and those affected by decisions are
the ones making those decisions."

We had read this before writing to PGA Asia concerning their conference:
"Why is this gender debate being run by "experts"? Who are they? Who
them experts? Do they endorse the view on gender expressed above? How

will other views be dealt with and/or encouraged? Why is this part of

the conference being run by "experts"? Why are women being banned from

some meetings? Was this a decision promoted by the experts?"

As we have heard nothing concerning dealing with this issue in practice,
 can we suggest you remove it from the article otherwise we shall not
be the only people who think you are a hypocrite.

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