[Pga_europe_process] proposed topics for the factory and working conditions day

ikkyu at altern.org ikkyu at altern.org
Sun Jun 20 17:06:37 CEST 2004

I read briefly your proposal for this topics. I didn't have time to consider it deeply. Please accept just a few superficial remarks.

1. This topics is focus on factory : does it means that nothing will be said during this conference about peasants and agriculture. It seems to bad as
 - peasant are a major part of serbian workers
 - peasant movements have always been present in PGA process.
 - we managed (with Joyce ) to try to draft something about biodiversity and seeds exchange which could have taken place in the 'alternatives to capitalism'.
Do you know any peasant interested in a presenting their situation, how europe is a threat to them...

2. Same, looking at the invited people, it seems that big corporations/factories workers are favorised. What about small firms ones and craftsmen ? What is their conditions, their rights... ?

3. Making this population participate is also getting closer to a critic of work in itself, the place of waged work in capitalism... Which is a current concern in western europe (in France, for example).

4. I don't understand why all the first paragraph sentences are questions. Do you mean you could, in any way agree with them ? Absolutely not (or maybe I misunderstood the questions). I would understand this way to introduce the topics if it was addressed to a business school audience, but not for us and neither for struggling workers. I would find it both more fair and more intersting to express your/our position : it will bring more directly to struggle matters and bring more content in the debates.



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