[Pga_europe_process] Money matters

ikkyu at altern.org ikkyu at altern.org
Sun Jun 20 17:28:57 CEST 2004

Dear all,

Reading the mails about money, which ask for funds, criticize fund repartition... it seems to me that there also are different basic attitudes to funds and organization.

Some groups are used to self finance, collect, build, reduce their needs. They don't ask for funds or really marginally. For instance,  I didn't read any ask from the gender group for the while, they didn't ask for money to pay some women travels expenses, translations...and the demands from the cultural festival always have been presented as reduce as they could. A lot of things seem to have been done to self finance (as a part of self organizing). For the children group I realized in London that we didn't even think about asking money. Our program is not less interesting and less political or crucial : we plan to oureach on non verbal ways with local population, exchange on education establish links between western and serbian women groups...

On the other hands some groups seem not to be used to these practices. Then appears some important money matters... and some frustration also. Some of these matters are linked to travels, some are linked to expensives technologies, some are linked to wages.

For instance, it would seem strange to me to finance the travels of invited workers from the west. (maybe we will decide toi do it but I will not be neither happy nor proud of it). First when they are workers (which means they have wages, even low ones, and most of the time they could ask for their unions funds, organize benefits parties, orten much easily than us) and have ideas to organize to reduce the costs. Second because it may express that  they are not interested enough in the conference. Then...

Maybe we could share some ideas to find some low cost or self financed solutions. Anyway let's try globally to  self finance our debates and workshops as a way to improve our 'autonomy'.



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