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Sun Jun 20 18:37:09 CEST 2004

> I read briefly your proposal for this topics. I didn't have time to consider
> it deeply. Please accept just a few superficial remarks.
> 1. This topics is focus on factory : does it means that nothing will be said
> during this conference about peasants and agriculture. It seems to bad as
> - peasant are a major part of serbian workers
> - peasant movements have always been present in PGA process.
> - we managed (with Joyce ) to try to draft something about biodiversity and
> seeds exchange which could have taken place in the 'alternatives to
> capitalism'.
> Do you know any peasant interested in a presenting their situation, how europe
> is a threat to them...

thanks for your remarks. here are some answers.

-peasants are  ( i will say) important  part of serbian   workers( not the
main one) ( it depends of corse what precisely you mean  when you say
worker). our debate is supposed to be rune in the factory because of many
reasons decided as the local priorities. in fact: the biggest issue today in
serbia is privatisation of big industrial complexes and big enterprises.
hundreds of thousand of those people are concerned. don¹t forget that we are
coming out from the state socialism, that our  local contexts is  quite
different  than most of yours countries and that ex-yougoslavia  arrived in
half of the century  to became midel-industriualised country ,coming from
poor rural one. so our local context and it main question is:
industrialisation and what about it today, what about all that abandoned and
forgotten  people?
- sorry of some of us don¹t know precisely ( don't have a time)  all about
pga history and a peasant movements in it, but we will  all be , i am sure,
more than  glad that you propose and organise some debate in that field...
we are just very busy to organise already the one that we took the
initiative for.  

2. Same, looking at the invited people, it seems that big
> corporations/factories workers are favorised. What about small firms ones and
> craftsmen ? What is their conditions, their rights... ?
>-small firms in serbia are deeply supported by european union ³program for the
small and middle enterprises². this exportation of ³free market² concept and
this (liberal) economical label  will be for sure mentioned during the
3. Making this population participate is also getting closer to a critic of
> work in itself, the place of waged work in capitalism... Which is a current
> concern in western europe (in France, for example).

> 4. I don't understand why all the first paragraph sentences are questions. Do
> you mean you could, in any way agree with them ? Absolutely not (or maybe I
> misunderstood the questions). I would understand this way to introduce the
> topics if it was addressed to a business school audience, but not for us and
> neither for struggling workers. I would find it both more fair and more
> interesting to express your/our position : it will bring more directly to
> struggle matters and bring more content in the debates.
again is due to our local context. running around with the ³manifestos²
doesn¹t help in the situation of deep luck of (alternative) informations.
the real reality is that 99% of serbian workers are FOR the privatisation,
so you will understand that we could only by a very contra dictionary debate
come together on some common ( anti-privatisation) conclusions.  and this
is, also,  one of the principal goal of our conference ( looking from local
context vision, of corse).

considering your suggestion about self-funding for some programs and remark
about paying tickets of western workers and migrants: sorry if it was not
clear. the  needed budget is  to support EXCLUDED western workers ( from the
work, , from the trade-unions, those one who paid on their own skin their
rebellions) and  PRECARIOUS rebels immigrants. of corse that we are not
suporting or proposing to support established ( state and big trade-union)
nomenklatura workers who even don¹t need our debate. or if yes, they should
speak from the other side  of baricades...

unfortunately self-funding does¹t work in serbia and  some of proposed
people are in the deep isolation today thought europe. their struggles are
over or are continuing ( like everywhere) actually with very few people (
belgium, italia). they don¹t have  real and euphoric self-structures to
work with and to organise for them benefits.

> Jeanphi

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