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thanks again for your sugestions. i just answered you on some points in
previous mail, but will repeat it here:

considering your suggestion about self-funding for some programs and remark
about paying tickets of western workers and migrants: sorry if it was not
clear. the  needed budget is  to support EXCLUDED western workers ( from the
work, , from the trade-unions, those one who paid on their own skin their
rebellions) as well as  PRECARIOUS rebels immigrants. of corse that we are
not suporting or proposing to support established ( state and big
trade-union) nomenklatura  workers who even don¹t need our debate. or if
yes, they should speak from the other side  of baricades...

unfortunately self-funding does¹t work in serbia and  some of proposed
people are in the deep isolation today thought europe. their struggles are
over or are continuing ( like everywhere) actually with very few people (
belgium, italia). they don¹t have  real and euphoric self-structures to
work with and to organise for them benefits.


> Dear all,
> Reading the mails about money, which ask for funds, criticize fund
> repartition... it seems to me that there also are different basic attitudes to
> funds and organization.
> Some groups are used to self finance, collect, build, reduce their needs. They
> don't ask for funds or really marginally. For instance,  I didn't read any ask
> from the gender group for the while, they didn't ask for money to pay some
> women travels expenses, translations...and the demands from the cultural
> festival always have been presented as reduce as they could. A lot of things
> seem to have been done to self finance (as a part of self organizing). For the
> children group I realized in London that we didn't even think about asking
> money. Our program is not less interesting and less political or crucial : we
> plan to oureach on non verbal ways with local population, exchange on
> education establish links between western and serbian women groups...
> On the other hands some groups seem not to be used to these practices. Then
> appears some important money matters... and some frustration also. Some of
> these matters are linked to travels, some are linked to expensives
> technologies, some are linked to wages.
> For instance, it would seem strange to me to finance the travels of invited
> workers from the west. (maybe we will decide toi do it but I will not be
> neither happy nor proud of it). First when they are workers (which means they
> have wages, even low ones, and most of the time they could ask for their
> unions funds, organize benefits parties, orten much easily than us) and have
> ideas to organize to reduce the costs. Second because it may express that
> they are not interested enough in the conference. Then...
> Maybe we could share some ideas to find some low cost or self financed
> solutions. Anyway let's try globally to  self finance our debates and
> workshops as a way to improve our 'autonomy'.
> Cheers
> Jeanphi
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