[Pga_europe_process] Re: A proposition about presentations inthe conference

Aleksei itasitihki at tao.ca
Mon Jun 21 11:50:49 CEST 2004

> Problem may be that people don't want to sit listening something all the
> time. 

Of course purpose would be to allow people also to ask questions 
from each groups and to have discussion.  Something what is impossible
during presentations in a ring, so as a matter of fact this kind of model
of presentations would be less dull. 

>Will people come to these presentations during gaps in the program?
> Maybe they do if it's well organized.
> Tapio

114 groups were presented in the Leiden conference paper. If as many 
show up in Belgrade, and there are 6 effective conference days 
each having 8 hours of effective program time, simple math gives you 
6 x 8 / 114 = 25 minutes for every group, 19 presentations every day, 
and there is no way you may 
dump this to breaks between programs. People presenting their groups would
like to eat as well!

Antti R. 

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