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Oh-Oh, we're in trouble
We've comae along and burst
the activist bubble

javier wrote:

>What I told them was that I was spending a lot of energy working >behind
the lines in enemy field, ie the ESF process, to carve out >space for
the type of non-authoritarian politics we share around PGA >of decentralisation,
 autonomy, diversity, etc. And that I really >didn't have the energy
to engage with their arguments, or more >precisely with their style of
>What could have been understood as a holiday is that I said that
>for me the ESF was the place to fight with all the SWP, etc, and the
>PGA the place were we could have a different dynamic, less >emotionally

>You can read this as the difference between politics and holiday,
>or as someone who hopes one day politics will be modelled on something
>other than war and conflict, and we could be that beginning.
>ciao, javier

How can the PGA be the rosey dawn of such a golden age when one of the
first acts of the co-ordinator of the reader is to refuse to include
a contribution (Hosannah pour Le Châtre-Nègre at http://www.ourmayday.org/cgi-
to the gender reader because it disagreed with his own viewpoint?

This follows a refusal to discuss the differences which have eemerged
amongst the gender working group.

And in case you hadn't noticed significant problems have also emerged
in Belgrade.

A major reason for this is that at the London preparatory meeting too
may people were concerned with being nice and not discussing things in
a direct straight forward way so that problems can be identified and
dealt with.

Perhaps you might consider that it is precisely this sort of self-congratulatory
bullshit which creates the activist bubble.

You don't have to have a degree in anthropology to notice that the activist
scene is centred around single, white, healthy young adults without responsibilities
(such as mothers, and other carers). Whay sort of diversity is that?

Why do you want people to abandon their critical faculties when they
go to the P.G.A. conference? Why should we abandon our confrontational
attitude when we are excluded and discriminated against?

Instead of going "behind enemy lines", from here it looks more like you
aim to use the PGA conference to recruit people for your faction at the
forthcoming ESF conference in October. It seems that your main problem
is that you don't want the tranquility of docility shattered by anything
contentious. Why else focus on style rather than content?

W.Essex Zapatista

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