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I see that something is wtong with email font,
so Im repeating text that Majda sent:

 Unofficial Statement

The letter always returns to the sender address


We went through the accusations by a part of the activists from Resnik with due attention.


In that letter we are accused of a number of violation. However, we will focus on three huge distortions of the truth.


"The food affair" was in fact our proposal at the international meeting that involved more than 40 people. The proposal that was adopted by consensus was to assign food preparation to local workers from forgotten mess halls, construction companies, instead of entrusting this task to self-organised international collectives, as was the custom up to now, that are not any cheaper than the former variant. To be more precise, between the options to invite an international collective that is very expensive (1), an unrealistic suggestion to have the activists themselves prepare food for 1000 people (2) and the one to have the workers of a large, once self-managed state company, who re in strike, prepare the food (3), we opted for the third option at the international meeting that was attended by the signatories of the "official statement".


At the same international meeting we agreed to make a deal with local workers that have not received wages for a long time and who have already replaced three managements, who are self-organised and, like many, pressed by the evils of the privatization process and who are waiting for slow death in empty corridors to equally distribute (a condition set by several collectives) the fee to everyone involved in organizing food preparation: cookers, cleaners and procurers.

- "The affair with the Sava Centar conference complex is not a resumption of Tito's or Milosevic's policies (!?). On the contrary, it is an initiative to go beyond the politics of campfire resistance and a chance have the wider public involved in the conference (this is one day of the entire conference) under the premise that we can get this location for free. For one day, Sava Centar could belong to everyone, to the people that it belongs to. We still don't know whether we we get/take over the location.

- Change/adding of location was a necessity: on this we decided only after it became absolutely clear that it is impossible to hold the whole program in Resnik. Before this decision we went to school in Resnik at least 4 times, trying to persuade school director to postpone the renewal. Unfortunately we weren't successful. Without the school in Resnik it is impossible to hold a conference there, since similar object doesn't exist there. 

About negotiations in Jajinci we were informing people through our mailing list and on the meetings. Local politician who helps was, as a friend and member of their ex-political party, introduced by Group of good will members.We were inputted with projection of their own guilty consciousness.


The object of our activities was not making 'an event' in Resnik, but working on organizing a PGA conference in Europe and making sure that we provide proper locations and infrastructures.

>From the moment when it became clear that desired locations in Resnik were not available we started to investigate other possibilities. In Jajinici we are now finalizing formal involvement of infrastructural objects and needs for holding the biggest part of the conference.

On other mentioned 'scandals' we do not react. Cultural and festival events we consider part of the program. But not more important then the rest. 
As the letter returns to senders own address, the announcement of some people from GDV is going back to its senders through our questions: Why, we wonder, nothing is agreed on meetings? Why there is no real communication? Why didn't you try to communicate first with us, part of the same network, instead of making local and international affaires on this? Why you do not respect direct democracy? Based on witch grounds do you claim that your rights are being endangered, when you signed GDV, undemocratically, without consensus and presence of big number of groups activists who haven't even been invited to the meeting for making this decision? 


Greetings to all - always the same - for new local/international political scandals interested persons - and to those new - who now have read our part of the 'truth'. 



All those who are working on PGA conference in Belgrade

In alphabetical order


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