[Pga_europe_process] food report - belgrade

Aleksei itasitihki at tao.ca
Wed Jun 23 13:32:36 CEST 2004

> Looking at the mails about what people can and cannot
> afford can we have some idea what people do think is
> reasonable, so that at our discussions at the next
> planning meeting we know our facts.  As Marco says, we
> agreed that 'finance' will discuss supporting people
> who are not from the west, it is not a food issue.  It
> would be good to know what people think is affordable
> though.
> For instance - in the UK for weekend meetings (Friday
> 1 meal; saturday 3 meals; and Sunday 2 meals) about 15
> Euros is acceptable, though some struggle.
> I know some will argue that food should be for free,
> but in life everyone has to feed themselves.  So what
> do people in Belgrade for instance usually budget for
> a weekly food bill?
> Mark

I've been talking with some people whom I consider
to live with a meagre budget in Moscow, and they 
commented that 100 roubles (= 3 euros) is for them
affordable cost for days food. Since I suppose price
level in Belgrade may be higher than in Russia (because
all cheapest foodstuffs in Russia are domestic), maybe people 
could understand prices even a little bit more than this. 

I think cheap food for all is better possibility than 
giving vouchers for those coming from East, since
latter option always make people feel like beggars. 
But if first one is not possible, vouchers or ecorates
are not the end. 

Antti R. 


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