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Friede99 at gmx.de Friede99 at gmx.de
Wed Jun 23 20:35:45 CEST 2004

hi folks, 

there is a severe reason why I have problems with Longo Mai being understood
as part of the european pga process: In 1994 I was physically threatened,
slightly boxed and kicked out from Longo Mai after demanding sensibility
towards racism and sexism during the yearly conference of the European
Citizensforum in Longo Mai.   
After this incident I had to understand that this way of treating people
criticizing Longo Mai had a long and sad tradition. I came in contact with
another woman who indeed got severely beaten up for similar reasons. 

10 years is a long time, and the other text which I am adding of this other
woman is even older. All I‘m asking for is to become convinced that people
>>from Longo Mai today take a critical distance to this. Last time though
when I met somebody from Longo Mai and mentioned this, his comment was: „But
we never bash people without having a reason for it!“ I hope you understand
that I need a different reaction than this one with respect to these
incidents before I feel comfortable with working together with people who
consider themselves as part of Longo Mai. I sincerely hope this will be no
problem in these days. 

In order to describe what happened I‘m using the text I wrote directly after
this incident. Not every sentence of this is written in the same way I‘d do
it today. But first of all, although I‘m not going to forget this experience
ever, luckily I‘m not remembering any detail any more; and additionally this
text contains the speech because of which I was attacked. 

I don´t know whether a (coordinated) reaction to this by people from Longo
Mai who are on this list is already possible? 

in the hope of a positive reaction

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