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infoladen infoladen_hanau at gmx.net
Wed Jun 30 23:23:08 CEST 2004

is there now somebody doing the coordination about travelling funds?

we were asked by someone from a group from poland. we did a workshop
on a conference in kassel together with piotr and another guy from
poland. in this workshop we compared reports about situation in poland
- especially about labourstruggles in a factory in ozarow near warsaw
and about struggles against eviction of flats of people who can't pay
the rent any more, where both of them had be invoved -  with the
pga-conference. it might be also interesting to come together with
them concerning labour-issues...

so i forward this mail, hoping that somebody feels responsible about

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Von    : Piotr Ciszewski <cnt_fai at op.pl>
An     : marion at aktiv-gegen-abschiebung.de
Datum  : Sonntag, 20. Juni 2004, 19:49
Betreff: PGA

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I need some information on PGA conference in Belgrade. Do you have any
seminar plans?

We can put the information translated into polish on our website.

Is it possible to get some reinbusment of the travel costs. There are
several people from our Collective who would like to participate in the
conference but we are short with the money. If we would get even a part of
the costs back, we will be able to hire a bus.


Piotr Ciszewski
Red Collective - Left Alternative

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