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diañu burlon dianhuburlon at gmx.net
Fri Jul 2 08:31:08 CEST 2004

just for not having any doubts about "power" question. From the beginning 
all emails you have sent  insulting the process of PGA Asia were inmediatly 
sent to the Asian list, including my answers and Friday answers. We also 
commented in the Dhakka office. Further we received your last email during 
conference, and I personally lost my time making a document with all email 
exchange, including my answers and Friday first answer, made a few 
copies   and it was circulated among the organizations. In Asian process, 
we seriously are making a try of having a real horizontal process, and all 
documents and information regarding the process we try to distribute, even 
if they are not very useful. We try to built a very transparent process in 
all sense. We can make mistakes, since we are humans. But we are really 
trying to built a strong movement, including the difficult task of 
introducing gender.
We trie to consolidate the region, and further to create and consolidate 
the global process (soon we will send an email to European process 
regarding this matter). Friday answer was very important to show that your 
authoritarian, irrespecful and insulting first email was not a consensus 
among European organizations, but more an isolated case.
My big mistake was to answer you in a first place. More to answer in an 
inmediatly reaction, quite angry after reading such...Whatever, being 
silents since the beginning would save me a lot of time.

  As I said it was even some comments regarding the necesity of answering 
such insulting emails, but at the end we were too busy in other questions 
with more importance.

This is regarding "my power controlling the PGA Asian process". As always 
you are using demagogical arguments, which can provocate doubt and 
desligitimize, not only me, but more dangerous the way we are trying to 
rebuilt and strenghenig a political process in Asia.

I just want to clarify this point to the European list.

When someone wants information or starting a respecful discussion regarding 
an issue it doesn´t start by insulting or desligitimazing as you did with 
our process, but just questioning and giving a respecful opinion on ones 
views and a constructive critisch or expressing doubts, worries and 
concers. There is an idiomatic expression in my region, which says: "one 
harvests which one sows". Speak to people with respect and people will 
answer you with respect. Do you know what that world means?


At 10:25 01/07/2004 -0700, paki.tv at cyber-rights.net wrote:
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> >I am very surprise see that you  take the time to answer such >continuous
>and agresive emails, coming clearly from a very  macho mind >and values.
> >
> >The so called activists from West Essex, regarding our call for
> >solidarity, sent to the social movement of Asia the following beauty
> >(among others), more expected from the Catolic Church or the World >Bank
>than from an activist.
> >
> >"We do not appreciate this lack of solidarity which simply thrusts
> >a begging bowl in our face and then spits in our face because we do
> >not have money."
>This is not true. After a month of trying to make contact with the PGA
>process in Asia, we eagerly responded to your request for solidarity
>with a request for information about how the gender discussion was organised
>with PGA Asia. You responded that your request was simply part of a funding
>Our response was to your refusal to help us with any information and
>merely to say you were only interested in asking us for money.
> >This kind of agresive insults and emails, ---- coming from who I
> >suppose is a big white male patriarca, with access to toilet, fridge
> >and specially ascess to education and to a lot of books, and after >reading
>such books, beliving he is above everyone, with the superior >morality
>of the pure anarchism or anti authoritarian, and then >speaking to the
>rest of humanity from the pulpit of the cathedral, >dreaming being the
>Pope of the anarchisch,  or maybe as Attack, >thinking "they are the
>real movement".--  are not worth to be answered.
>Perhaps it would be better if your responses were not based on your empty
>We were asking you for information because we believed that we could
>learn from how the Gender debate was organised in Asia. As for having
>access to education and books, we are involved in the anti-systemic library
>to make information generally available. Is this a problem?
>Furthermore, we are not anarchists, nor are we white. But if having a
>fridge and a toilet is a crime, we plead guilty.
> >Many Asian organizations thought in giving the deserved answer to
> >such shit, but at the end, we really have better things to do.
> >I saw them insisting in the provocation, but really, it is useless
> >to disscuss with such aggressive macho close minds, morally above the
> >rest of human beings.
>So are we to conclude that you have decided to over-rule these many Asian
>It is precisely the element of our response that you pick out which was
>most direct in our communication. Put in other terms;
>If you want to help us, don't bother, you will only be disapoointed.
>But if you see your struggle as our struggle, then let us work together.
> >All time agresive, all time insulting, ..and
> >of course, this kind of authoritarian, impositive and agresive way of
> >communication in the  name of anti-authoritarian, anaschism, direct
> >democracy, anti-sexist and so on. Typical reproduction of the typical
> >power of patriarchy and authoritarism in the anti authoritarians >movements.
>Nothing new.
> >Really, not worth to bother about. They are not open for discussion,
>  >only for "argument", and if possible to humiliate the person in front.
> >So, what is the use? Take easy and don´t bother about.
>So we have to ask ourselves are your pseudo-arguments and projections
>genuine delusions or a convenient way of stopping having your power 
>e-mail access to "PGA Asia" challenged?
>The third objective of the "PGA Asia" conference was:
>"To establish a strong solidarity among Asian people".
>How do you hope to achieve this in relation to the Asian diaspora?
>But rather than dwell too much on such questions - which really do not
>have much meaning for us - we would rather simply have contact with the
>many Asian organisations who wanted to answer us.
>Please don't try to stop people from acting glocally.
>West Essex Zapatista
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