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hi all
preparation is now under way for the conference publication
this will inculde practical and topic information for the conference
ive pasted in some information from the last prepatory meeting in london
as people committed at the time to making specific pieces about each area of debate.
can people confirm this and send the writing asap! to the process list
cheers xx p

) texts about the various main issues : 


Gender issues : breakingthesilence at gendertrouble.org

Migrations : migrativeart at skynet.be

Working conditions, class, workers and non-workers struggles, 

labor society: migrativeart at skynet.be 

Critics of industrial society, sustainable technologies :

nicolu at chutelibre.org 

Critics of European integration, Balkan situation, nationalism:

migrativeart at skynet.be

Alternatives to capitalism : zapata at shezampro.yu 

Militarisation of politics, wars, imperialism and social control 

:bozavine at yahoo.co / j 

Global mouvement : Are we a mouvement ? what next ? going out 

of the ghetto: skrati at yahoo.com / skrati at yahoo.com / 

Conference reader and practical guide :

The conference practical guide will offer : 

an overview of all practical, logistical, political informations 


for the conference The reader of the conference will offer  :

a program of the various workshops/ events and public debates +

introductions to the chosen main political issues 

+ introduction to the pga network structures and

debate about its future + introduction about the issue 

of the openness of the network + 

an introductive text to post-yougoslavian context.

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