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The PGA conference is taking place in a crucial period for the people in the Balkans. The dissolution of Yugoslavia has resulted in consequent wars in the whole Balkan area. These wars have brought only death and devastation. Nowadays, people in the majority of the Balkan countries live under extremely harsh financial and social conditions. The transition to capitalism produced among others the abolishment of social welfare, privatizations and poverty instead of a better life for the citizens of post-socialist countries. The foreign military and political interventions as well as the continuing presence of NATO and Euroarmy troops in the area do not seem to ensure long-lasting peace. New conflicts break out; nationalism and hatred dominate cross-national and cross-country relationships. Local governments, either fully corrupted or "modernized", either social democratic or conservative, in both EU member states and non-EU countries work against the rights of people. Therefore, the need for an international coordination of movements, anticapitalist groups and activists is pressing. That's why the group "Drugaciji Svet je Moguc" (DSM) from post-Yugoslavia and the group "Antiwar Internationalist Movement" from Greece call every anticapitalist group and activist from all Balkan countries to come to Belgrade on the 23 – 29th of July for the PGA conference to discuss, exchange experience and plan actions and international cooperation. An initial plan for discussions is the following: 

1. Nationalism in the Balkan societies
2. Discriminations in the Balkan societies
3. Transition, privatization and social issues in the Balkans
4. Military and foreign intervention in the Balkans
5. Anticapitalist movements and activism in the  Balkans. Connecting people and movements.

We urge you not only to attend these discussions but also to organize them with us. Our plan is to have in each discussion a panel of speakers from every country. 

We are looking forward to receiving your reactions and comments.

Drugaciji Svet je Moguc (DSM), post-Yugoslavia
Antiwar Internationalist Movement, Greece
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