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There was an E-mail from germany which suggested that

1. There should be a gender day.
2. There should be a women's only space/discussion
3. Other issues should be decided at the start of the event.

This sounds good:

In reply to your suggestions
>The solutions I can think of:
>1. The block on men-only workshops is reaffirmed and there will
>be no men-only workshops in Belgrade.
>2. The concepts prepared for the men-only workshops include the
>dimension of race and maybe the block is cancelled.
>3. Everybody gets fed up with the discussion and nobody is willing
>to prepare any workshops on gender issues in Belgrade.

We would prefer 1  but we would also suggest that there is a discussion
of what role men-only workshops can play, and what the draw backs can
be. E.g. as the overwhelming majority of sex offenders are men, often
therapeutic work in this area is work with men-only groups. However these
are long term groups that can deal with things in depth.

Then if people want to talk about groups like men against sexism etc
There are a number of websites:


Clearly some people like this sort of thing, whilst others think it is
more some sort of self-indulgence . . .

so for instance: Navel-Gazing or World-Changing at http://www.achillesheel.freeuk.com/article15_4.html

Myself, I think the prime beneficiaries of men's groups are men, although
some women have said that they think that ANYTHING that keeps men out
of their way must be good!

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