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miss moon tveye_ at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 5 23:11:16 CEST 2004

good to hear some more ideas for making stuff happen at pGA

in terms of workshops there are a few coming through for gender stuff
at a rough guess;stuff on radical qweer, community initiatives on sexual 
violence, sex trafficking, womens labour issues, broad intro to gender as an 
issue. maybe some youth and gender stuff.
a lot of this is very on the ground work.

i will try and collate some idea of what and from where soon...although give 
me a week
i know that sounds ages but things are really busy here in belgrade
to little equipment...good people
many tasks!!

idea about discussion on mens groups
i can speak to rade here ; he is part of a mens only group dealing with 
sexual violence

ive personally found working with sexual violence in mixed groups really 
my experience has been that women take a lot of responsibility....like too 
much for these issues
while the men often hang back and say they dont know where to start

for me the main deal with mens groups or men in gender discussions is the 
acknowledgement of gender oppression/patriarchy being something that is NOT 
just about women
and to go from there

does anyone want to offer workshops of discussion that deal with some area 
of the intersections of race and gender ??

hoping to offer something more cohesive soon

xx moon

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