[Pga_europe_process] ?nestle? and ?siemens? are coming to serbia

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 ?nestle? and ?siemens? are coming to serbia, the process of normalization
is under way?or, in what way present director of the Agency for
Privatization (the one who believes in fair capitalism - ?!) and present
Serbian Minister of Finance (the one who believes in (un)fair capitalism)
communicate with one another and what do they communicate about. to be
continued after the next country sale?

Source: B92

Belgrade -- Privatization responsible for the deficit of 280 million dinars
in the budget of Serbia
Finance minister, Mladjan Dinkic, accused in Novi Sad?s newspapers ?Dnevnik?
the director of the Agency for Privatization, Branko Pavlovic, to be the
strongest opponent of Serbian reforms. It is necessary for privatization
process to be led by someone who is not a politician, but a craftsman, said
Dinkic, pointing out to the dismissal of the tender for ?Sever? from
Subotica sale. 

On the other hand, Branko Pavlovic is asking why Finance minister was so
upset for the sum of 350.000 Euros, which was the price offered for ?Sever?.
?It seems like Dinkic gave a promise to someone about something, and now he
cannot keep it?, says Pavlovic. ?Mr. Dinkic is actually spreading panic by
saying ?we have to do something quickly?, after which no one will ask ?why
did you do that in that particular way and not in some other way?. He places
his men inside the important governmental and public offices, people who are
making real mess, and since you have terrible control of the state capital,
you say ?the results are bad, we have to ? without asking everyone ? to
sell, and then you can leave it all to me, to Dinkic, and when you hand out
everything to Dinkic, you have solved all your problems and you can move on.
This is the reason Dinkic likes Mr. Vlahovic?.

Mladjan Dinkic rebuffs on these accusations. ?It is absolutely clear that
Finance minister does not have any influence on the privatization process,
although I do not hide how in the last 3-4 weeks I and my colleagues from
the economic department express open disapproval for the Agency for
Privatization work?.
Mladjan Dinkic even praised the work of the previous Minister for
Privatization, Aleksandar Vlahovic, by saying that Mr. Vlahovic?s team
performed incomparably better work in the Agency in comparison to the
present persons in charge. To this, Branko Pavlovic replies: ?Mr. Dinkic
likes better Mr. Vlahovic, and that is his personal attitude. I am convinced
that the same attitude is not the attitude of the government and the
premier, because if they share the same feelings for Mr. Vlahovic, they
should have said that to me before I started this function. If that had been
the case, I would have expressed my gratitude and said ?no, I am not
interested in continuing what Mr. Vlahovic has started?.

Pavlovic states that Center for criminal prevention is analyzing intensively
the data about the Agency for privatization diversions and that he
personally is of the opinion that the data are sufficient. ?However, it is
Center and justice system?s duty to file a claim against the Agency?, says

Director of the Agency for Privatization has anticipated more intensity in
the process of privatization at the coming fall. He states that investing in
Serbia is of high interest for the internationally famous companies like
Siemens, Nestle, Craft, Danone and Rauh.  

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