[Pga_europe_process] Collected organic food to lower costs of the meals.

ikkyu at altern.org ikkyu at altern.org
Sun Jul 11 01:42:35 CEST 2004

Soleil Levain, an organic food consumers cooperative gave for 300 euros of food for the conference. They want to promote organic food and to help the cost of meals to be lower for eastern people.

So we will bring :
* 75 kg of rice
* 1kg of chocolate powder for the breakfasts,
* 10 kg of  lentils
* 2,250 kg of coffee,
* 11,5kg of noodles,
* 1 kg of dry grapefruits
* 10kg of washing liquid (as they understood organic cleaning products were bette for the camp).

I know, prices tell how organic food is still very expensive. Maybe a workshop about this ;-)

See you soon`


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