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Sun Jul 11 16:54:13 CEST 2004

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I would like to see the Organisational Principles of People's Global
Action Included in any Cinference brochure.

Whilst they contain many wonderful ideas, there seems to have been a
number of problems manifesting them our concrete behaviour.

This is a concrete request that a discussion group on organisational
questions is formed.

In particular:

How can we make sure that the composition of the committee organising
conferences is balanced geographically and that it reflects greater diversity?

How can we ensure greater transparency, particularly as regards finances?

What measures can be taken to avoid reproducing various forms of discrimination
and oppression through institutional racism and sexism?

While the PGA does focus on decentralisation and autonomy, the Organisational
Principles concede that there is a need for minimal central structures.
It is necessary for those who engage in these structures - such a conference
organising committees - take on board the need for collective responsibility
and accountability.

There were quite different attitudes to organising expressed at the london
Preparatory meeting - but no discussion of how matters might be progressed.

At Cochabamba there was a recognition of cultural differences in the
way people organise and participate in discussions and how this affects
styles of presentation, decision making processas and language. These
differences were understood to reflect deeper perceived power relations.

However this recognition seems to have hardly percolate across the PGA
in Europe.

Perhaps we should pause to consider the differences between poor people,
 women, the disabled and people of colour expressing their autonomy,
and the expression of autonomy by the rich, men, the able and white people.
Bear in mind that the last four-five hundred years could be described
as a period in which Europeans have autonomously spread their power and
control across the entire globe. Any autonomy of privilege will tend
to preserve privilege despite whatever good intentions individuals in
that process might feel.

West Essex Zapatista.

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