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Sun Jul 11 16:55:20 CEST 2004

We received the mail sent by friedrieke on the process list.
First of all, we have to explain that Longo mai is a pretty old movement,
with a long and diverse history. Nowadays there are ten cooperatives in
four western european countries, and we won't organise an internal
congress to have a collective answer to this mail.
Anyway, we were surprised to see that this issue coming out now. Longo mai
has been involved within the PGA process since 1998, Friedrieke knew it
and never reacted to it before, so why now?
Secondly, about what happened between Friedrieke and Longo mai: we think
that e-mail is typically the worst way of adressing this problem.
Beside that, what ever happened was a long time ago. Longo mai is a 30
years old of human experiment and self-managed evolution. We think the
PGAprocess is not the right place to talk about what happened either with
Friedrieke or with the other woman. We are totally open to take time to
try and resolve the problem through talks with Friedrieke, anywhere and at
anytime, even with some other people, but we don't think it should
interfere with the PGA european process. We propose that Friedrieke and
Longo mai could meet where ever she wants, either in one of our
cooperatives (there is one in germany) or outside of it, with other people
or not.
Longo mai
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