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Rather than worrying about patronising lectures about autonomy etc, perhaps
it is more important to look at how the Conference process has failed
to embrace the sort of diversity mentioned in PGA organisational principles.

As this process is part of the minimal central structures, advice that
people should go off and act autonomously is just another evasion.

Refusal to see that the failure to discuss gender at London (regardless
of any understanding of responsibility) is also an evasion.

To dismiss critics as "idiots" and to see that any challenge to racism
as "aggressive" are further examples of racism.  The projection of irrationality
and violent dispositions are typical of the racist projections by Europeans
on non-Europeans.

The questions involved here are not about any clash of egos as you (and
indeed others) seem to suggest. Such views are used in liberal circles
to avoid debate. The questions here are about accountability when people
carry out the functions of the minimal central structures i.e. it is
precisely here that political heirarchies are formed and flourish regardless
of a verbal smokescreen of nice sounding ant-hierarchical propoganda.

When a persons objectivity has been challenged, as has happened here,
 it is useful (as much for them as any one else) to step back from the
position they occupy, to disengage their ego from the social function
they occupy. With these issues we have raised, we are challenging the
power which has accumulated with the process of organising the conference:
i.e. failure to ensure an even mix of people attending the conference,
 failure to deal with the needs of travel re-imbursement for people from
the CIS, as well as our exclusion from the gender debate. There has been
no suggestion of violence, of bashing people or of fighting some sort
of ideological war, except by Nico.

Aside from the gender discussion, all these things will re-emerge in
the conduct of the plenary sessions and particularly decision making
(i.e. the location of the collective power of the PGA.) The key to a
way forward on this is looking at how we can ensure that organisational
principles of the PGA are given life rather than merely being so much
ideology. Failure to do this will leave the PGA to become a front group
for an unaccountable hidden leadership perpetuating their own not-so-
subtle hierarchy.

West Essex Zapatista
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