[Pga_europe_process] from germany to belgrade

tamagotchis@yahoo.fr tamagotchis at yahoo.fr
Mon Jul 12 00:21:41 CEST 2004

hello people,
 the start of the conferance is getting very close now, and it's about time to finish the organisation of the travel...
We will be 5 people leaving from berlin on the 21st in a van, or maybe one or two days before, we still have one friend having no place in the car (so if anyone leaving from somewhere in germany has a place for him, it would be great) and we thought it would be nice to organize a sort of last minute caravan, collective travel with any other people or groups who leave on the same time..
Is there anyone in the case and intersted by this proposal?
So anyway, see you all in belgrade very soon (hope there's some sun there because northern Germany is desperatly rainy, like neverending falls of water)

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