[Pga_europe_process] Extracts from London PGA meeting 5th july

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Mon Jul 12 15:02:52 CEST 2004

Hi,here are some answers to your questions:


A further £4,000 has been sent from London

- - - We have no idea how the money has been allocated or whether it 


the cultural events planned foro resnik.


money is still on our bank account, it will be used for various expenses (for detailed budget draft you can contact Milan at decorate at eunet.yu )280euros will be spent on cultural program, out of witch stani pani collective will contribute with 30euros and organize part of cultural program during 3 days.NONE OF THE EVENTS OF THE PGA CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD IN RESNIK.

- - - We have no idea if any money has been allocated to people from 


CIS to cover their travel re-imbursement (few people can come from 


without such money

3000 euros is in budget for solidarity fund, people who need financial support are advised to apply at travelsolidarity at yahoo.co.uk 


IMPORTANT:all of you who are involved in writing texts for conference reader please send texts/info/questions to andrej a.s.a.p. at Zapata at sezampro.yu .deadline for texts is 15th of july.



- - - concern about how representative a reader might be

- - - don't know what has been written

- - - there is a pressing need for basic information




Paula working on gender issues in Belgrade

We do not know whetehr the conference centre will be available.

Porposal to iunvolve children in all discussions

three sided football

What's happening in London

Dissent on dealing with g8 next year.

Social centres



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