[Pga_europe_process] from Longo mai

itasitihki at tao.ca itasitihki at tao.ca
Wed Jul 14 14:34:51 CEST 2004

I would like to support Friede in bringing this
issue to public discussion. I wouldn't
yet rush to blame Longo Mai for accusatory tone or
unwillingness to solve the issue, but I Friede's
original letter contained accusations serious enough
and well enough documented in order to solve issue
in general European PGA framework (which for sure does not
necessarily mean barrio meeting on the topic...).

Antti R.

> The accusatory tone of this message disappoints me and doesn´t seem very
> convincing you take a critically distance to what has happened.
> To come myself to Longo Mai to talk about it? After these experiences???
> How
> can you consider this is as a serious offer?
> And how can you deny the political content of what has happened?
> I didn´t know you consider yourself as part of pga since 1998, but even if
> so, this is the first time I consciously knew I would have to meet people
>>from Longo Mai in the framework of pga. And that is where we should talk,
> because this is political and not personal at all.
> friede

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