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Preparation process of the conference

The conference was organised through collaboration between groups and
individuals involved in the pga process and local belgrade convenors
“DSM”. However there was not a geographical balance with very little
participation from Eastern Europe. Important decision about the conference
structure and organisation were taken during open preparatory meetings.
This preparatory process started in June 2003 in belgrade. 4 of these
meetings happened in Belgrade and one in Dijon. The final one in London
in May 2004.

Most decisions were taken through consensus but this broke down in two
areas: men-only meetings and the relocation from Resnik to Jajinci.
Thse problems have yet to be resolved.

Everybody was offered to participate and take responsibilities for the
various needed tasks. ..and to be transparent on the way they would take
on these tasks. You can find detailed reports of the various meeting
on the Preparation process of the conference

CONSENSUS DECISION MAKING is when everybody in a group has the same power
to block a decision and that you try to debate until you find a common
agreement about a project or a common solution to a problem, instead
of taking a decision by a vote.

A PLENARY is when everybody meets in the same space and take decision

Gender issue specific debates and decisions
Delete "to give the possibility for anti-patriarchal men only workshops
and discussions."
The issue of men only meetings will be resolved at the begiinning of
the conference.

Embedded meetings during the conference

People involved with No border network are organizing an action caravn
in Eastern Europe that going to reach belgrade conference, where they're
going to have a no border network meeting.
People from eastern european countries working with social forums and
trying make it more horizontal and self-managed will also have a meeting
during the pga conference.
Abolishing the borders from below, an anarchist networking magazine from
eastern europe will have a magazine coordination meeting during the pga
It was agreed that all embedded meetings should be open to all particpants
in the conference.
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