[Pga_europe_process] SCANDAL !!!

Damn tusht at ptt.yu
Wed Jul 14 21:23:02 CEST 2004

Me, Frog, Tozza, Ivana, Grube and other people who working on cultural part
of PGA conference in Resnik were banish from Belgrade PGA convinor mailing
list, because some people here think that they could speak in the name of
PGA and decide who is in PGA and who is not.

PGA mailing list is our tools for coordination and no person has right to
exclude someone from the procces.

I dont know who decided this but I know who excluded us - MILOS
MILOSAVLJEVIC, present administrator of PGA convinor list. Milos, I wait for
your apologize, and return right to comunicate to the people.

I hope that same thing will not hapen with this list.

Angry greetingz,

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