[Pga_europe_process] a suggestion for a reader text

friday friday at nadir.org
Thu Jul 15 22:13:08 CEST 2004


a reader or programme with introduction texts for the themes to be discussed at
the conference is being planned. I would like to suggest a text on Colonial
Realities to include in the reader. This has not been discussed at the previous
preparation meetings as a conference theme, and I do not know whether there will
be workshops on this theme. However, colonialisation/ colonialism/ anti-racism/
euro-centricism have been mentioned several times on this mailing-list and
therefore I think it is an important focus. Unfortunately I cannot think of a
newer text at the moment than an article from ZNet which was written in August
2001 by Aziz Choudry about Indigenous Struggles in Canada:

Bringing It All Back Home:
Anti-globalisation Activism Cannot Ignore Colonial Realities


(Original: http://www.zmag.org/sustainers/content/2001-08/03choudry.htm)

By the way, quite a few interesting texts can be found at http://www.all4all.org/en/

And then I also wanted to add: "There is a conference waiting to be organized"
is not a very helpful remark. To some extent it is important to point out that
there are  disagreements in Belgrade concerning the organisation of the
conference and explain what is happening at the local level. I would actually
appreciate more information on what the discussions are in Belgrade itself.



Quoting Andrej Grubacic <zapata at sezampro.yu>:

>  If I may interrupt for a second: could u stop fighting over e-mail lists and
> deal with local confusion in face to face talks/meetings? It is a misuse of
> this space (process list) and of peoples time.
> There is a conference waiting to be organized.
> On a related note: I am really concerened because of the slow feedback
> regarding thematic area descriptions. Deadline (last one possible) is 15th.
> .....
> Thanks. 

nicolu wrote about the reader/ newsletter texts:

The groups involved with the preparation of the conference wanted to
create some specific focus on some issues that were discussed during the
preparation process..
For each of these issues, there were people (issue coordinators) who took
the responsibility to write a political text to introduce the issue.
These text can be used in the reader or newsletter of the conference, send
on the lists before the conference to help people to find workshops and
debates that can fit in. These texts can be used by or inspire the various
people who are going to do some press work about the conference.
These texts don't give any « pga » commonly agreed political ideology, but
are just texts of people or collectives who want to present roughly their
problematic about an issue and put it into debate. 

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