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i would personally (and i know quite a few others who would)  be very 
disappointed if you don't make it here. please don't let this kind of 
problems stand in the way of making the conference happen as it should!


javier wrote:

>Problems in Belgrade. 
>It is almost impossible to know what is really going on, and we will not
>find out via email. Every time that I've tried to understand what was
>going on in Belgrade there have been quite complex issues and crap
>communication with the outer world, and among themselves anyway. Only
>respect, patience and face to face meetings can shed any light. 
>What is definitely not helpful is to try to exploit the problems in
>Belgrade for our own agendas.
>There are some people in the PGA network, I am not going to give any
>names, that are trying to gain victimhood sympathy by putting their
>position next to the "Resnik young idealists". 
>Well, "weak and vulnerable" would not be the words I´d use to describe
>British male middle class avant-garde artists who delude themselves, and
>everyone who does not know them, into believing they are disabled black
>This kind of artists often practice the slash and burn of jumping into
>political processes provoking everyone but with a mix of sound analysis
>and good proposals. 
>Ultimately they do not care what happens to the process in question, if
>it is destroyed, they move to their next target. To have any historical
>perspective understanding what discussions people may have had in the
>past, or where some problems may come from is beyond their scope of
>shock and awe.
>One of their main weapons is a skill for twisting people's voices,
>effectively re-presenting everyone in the name of a critique of
>representation. For example, men only spaces become spaces where women
>are excluded. 
>Particularly remarkable is their use of anonymity, again reversing a
>positive concept into a tool for deceit. Nobody will know their names,
>but neither those attacked will ever be named, thus creating a general
>These people will use any opportunity to advance their artistic careers,
>in the political equivalent of Tracey Emin making a tent with the names
>of people she slept with. Of course, like all true avant-garde artists
>they will be really angry if anyone puts them in that framework, or any
>framework... Classifying people is exclusively reserved for them and we
>just have to follow as they dictate what are the important issues for
>everyone, and in which exact words we talk about them.
>I must confess that we have had some problems in London with that kind
>orf artists. I cannot give any names coz it would not be polite.
> Some people from London, including myself, at present are not going to
>the PGA Eurocentric conference because they cannot bear sharing 3 days
>of van with these weirdos. I will not complain about problems in
>Belgrade when I am embarrasingly ashamed of the lack of local process we
>have here. Neither will I expect anyone to solve our problems for us.
>On Sunday evening we have a meeting where we may find an amenable
>solution for everyone to go. We will test claims of collective consensus
>versus individualism, and see if the PGA process in London is anything
>beyond current poles of armchair and chequebook activisms.
>ciao, Javier
>On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 14:40, paki.tv at cyber-rights.net wrote:
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>>We agree. It sometimes seems as if the anarchist invoved in the PGA Europe
>>process want to take everything over and impose their own political views.
>>Our interventions concerning banning women from meetings have likewise
>>been treated as a problem to be dealt with between individuals.
>>Whereas Damn, Frog, Tozza, Ivana, Grube have been de-rationalised as
>>"children", we have been de-rationalised as crazy idiots with a strategy
>>of paranoia.
>>The common feature seems to be an abandonment of consensus by people
>>very active in the co-ordination when it does not conform to their political
>>This is, of course, typical behaviour of a bureaucracy.
>>Perhaps people would do better to think about how to resolve these idfferences
>>rather than simply marginalising those who appear, at first sight, to
>>be weak and vulnerable.
>>In Solidarity
>>West Essex Zapatista
>>On Fri, 16 Jul 2004 05:51:24 -0700 Damn <tusht at ptt.yu> wrote:
>>>i think this is not my private problem, this is a problem of censorship
>>>PGA network
>>>marco, thanx for your opinion (i knew it already;), but i want to
>>>know opinions of other people also.
>>>see u in belgrade!
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