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ni co lu nicolu at chutelibre.org
Sat Jul 17 14:33:43 CEST 2004

as proposed by people a few days ago, i send here three workshops i want to
propose on the list  and will ask friends I'm travelling with to do the same
as soon as possible (in the hope to put a bit of constructive things on this
list and not only quarrels and fights)

 presentation and debate (2 hours to 3)
 - naturalist / essentialist ideologies  in our society  and  it's use in
patriarchal domination (but also racist / capitalist....) :
How can we criticize it and how do we create our own ethics 
 workshop (4 hours or two times two  hours)
 anti patriarchal  workshops between men :.
 discussion around  masculine culture and domination.
 exploring sexuality, communication, power structures, kids education,
homophobia, daily lives, housework and  technology...  
starting  from personal exchanges and views and aiming at finding tools to
fight against patriarchy into our daily lives, relationships and also how
to push  these  issues  into the public area.

presentation and practical skill echanges  (two times two or three  hours) 
actions camps and climbing :
- debate on the future of action camps strategies and how to use climbing
skills for various actions (trees, lampost, roofs, protecting places against

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