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Sat Jul 17 19:21:58 CEST 2004


I think it would be very important to have an overview of proposed workshops
very soon. I think it would be a good idea to decentralise the information about
workshops that have been proposed so far by sending them to this list.

This is an attempt of putting together information sent to this list. Please
note: I am not in Belgrade, so there is more information available which was
sent to the conference organising team/ the conference website. 


Workshops, Presentations and Debates 

an incomplete list of proposals for Belgrade conference 

see: http://www.all4all.org/2004/07/978.shtml

A preliminary overview of the topics and workshops so far was once announced to
be "available by July 7-8 at the latest.. probably earlier" - this does not
seemed to have worked out. There was a plan to organise the applications that
have been submitted so far into a program matrix and then regular web-updates
with short abstracts of the workshops on a daily or two-day basis (at
 http://www.pgaconference.org ). 

# Gender issues (Gender Day or series of workshops, debates, etc.) 

# Migration (Migration Day) 

# Working conditions, class, workers and non-workers struggles, labor society
(Labour Day) 

# Critics of industrial society, sustainable technologies 
# Critics of European integration, Balkan situation, nationalism 
# Alternatives to capitalism 
# Militarisation of politics, wars, imperialism and social control 
# Global movement : Are we a movement ? what next ? going out of the ghetto 

# PGA structures 


# More proposals: 

PGA process in Asia, global process and possible proposal for a global PGA
conference in Asia 2005 

* WSF / ESF and regional Social Forums debate - autonomous spaces 
* autonomous space at ESF in London, Oct. 2004 

* G8 Gleneagles Scotland 2005 
proposal for international action day 


and texts 

* anti-industrial perspectives: Shall we play Rage Against the Machine?:


* OIL and climate change 

A group of us based in the UK (involved in part with the Rising Tide network)
would like to run a workshop or event during the conference on issues around. 

Those issues might include 'climate justice' (ie. the concept that climate
change will hit the poorest hardest, particularly women and the global south,
and that solutions to it need to embrace social justice more than technology),
environmental refugees, a strong critique of 'emissions trading' and the
business deal sometimes known as the Kyoto protocol, wars (in part) for oil,
support for communities on the front line of oil extraction and production, what
forms of resistance works best, and sorting out ecological, non-corporate,
community-run alternatives. 

This workshop could also act as another link with the 'Energy and Social Change'
conference taking place in Escanda, northern Spain, in August. 


* breaking the activist ghetto workshop and migration theme 
 http://ga.so36.net/2004/07/959.shtml (2 themes) 


* PGA BALKANS: http://ga.so36.net/2004/07/912.shtml 


a visibility day is planned (but not in Sava Centre) 


a travelling infokiosk structure is planned for the conference and I wanted to
propose to have permanent quiet space of infokiosk, tea and reading during the
conference with tons of booklets, books, magazines in many languages... 


several workshops (see details in mail by nicolu below):
* - naturalist / essentialist ideologies in our society and it's use in 
* anti- patriarchal workshops between men 
* actions camps and climbing


EMBEDDED MEETINGS during the conference 

BORDER 04: People involved with No border network are organizing an action
caravan in Eastern Europe that going to reach belgrade conference, where they're
going to have a no border network meeting. ( http://noborder.kein.org )

ESF EAST: People from eastern european countries working with social forums and
trying make it more horizontal and self-managed will also have a meeting during
the pga conference. 

ABOLISHING BORDERS: Abolishing the borders from below, an anarchist networking
magazine from eastern europe will have a magazine coordination meeting during
the pga conference. 

It was agreed that all embedded meetings should be open to all particpants in
the conference. 


ASIA proposal for the Regional Conference in Europe: 

report of the Asian regional conference 
proposal for a global conference of PGA 2005 in Asia. 

videos of the conference and of different issues regarding Asian situation
photograph proyection from the Asian conference. 



Kids' Space 

Children are welcome in this conference as on the camp. There is a special place
for children and a daily programme will be decided during the morning kids
assembly. Children from the camp and from the village are mixed as much as
possible. Workshops will be run by volunteers who will be participating in the
rest of the conference. Thus they sure will need you to join them as volunteer
for a workshop, translation, or to introduce them an issue, a debate or a
workshop of the conference, or even to facilitate their participation in the
meetings, wether you are parents or not Please let us know as soon as possible
how many kids are coming and how old they are. Whatever you come to the
conference for, if you have any activities for children you wish to offer,
please get in touch. Parents stay responsible for the children they bring. 


quite a number of discussion texts can be found at:



Quoting ni co lu <nicolu at chutelibre.org>:

> as proposed by people a few days ago, i send here three workshops i want to
> propose on the list  and will ask friends I'm travelling with to do the
> same
> as soon as possible (in the hope to put a bit of constructive things on
> this
> list and not only quarrels and fights)
>  presentation and debate (2 hours to 3)
>  - naturalist / essentialist ideologies  in our society  and  it's use in
> patriarchal domination (but also racist / capitalist....) :
> How can we criticize it and how do we create our own ethics 
>  workshop (4 hours or two times two  hours)
>  anti patriarchal  workshops between men :.
>  discussion around  masculine culture and domination.
>  exploring sexuality, communication, power structures, kids education,
> homophobia, daily lives, housework and  technology...  
> starting  from personal exchanges and views and aiming at finding tools to
> fight against patriarchy into our daily lives, relationships and also how
> to push  these  issues  into the public area.
> presentation and practical skill echanges  (two times two or three  hours) 
> actions camps and climbing :
> - debate on the future of action camps strategies and how to use climbing
> skills for various actions (trees, lampost, roofs, protecting places
> against
> evictions...)

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