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markb at gn.apc.org markb at gn.apc.org
Sun Jul 18 14:40:07 CEST 2004

Hi all,

Forgive me for temporarily forgetting about the internal problems 
that we're facing at the moment.

I was lucky enough to be at the first PGA conference in Geneva back 
in February 1998. It was fantastic, especially since I was so new to 
the radical ideas and movements that were coming together at that 
time. Standing in the lunch queue was the place to start up a 
conversation with someone from thousands of miles away with his or 
her own culture and way of looking at the world. But the fact that we 
shared a collective sense of anger about the past and present, as 
well as a really burning sense of hope for the future, sent me and 
others home with a strong determination to make more good things 
happen. Which they did.

Jumping forward to July 2004, what I want to get from Belgrade is 
another injection of hope and inspiration for the next phase of this 
ongoing struggle. I want to be reminded of all the amazing acts of 
resistance that happen every day in Europe (whatever that may be!) 
and across the world. And I want to dream of new or reborn networks 
that mean we get to hear of peoples' activities more quickly and 

My guess is that most of us are heading to Belgrade with a positive, 
tolerant, inquisitive, ready-to-be-inspired outlook, but that this 
fact is hidden by the way email and email lists tend to become 
defined by a tiny group of people, some of whom may thrive on 
conflict. Me, I'd prefer if possible to focus my anger as well as 
positivity on the forces out there that are really destroying 
people's lives and the planet we live on. At the moment it seems that 
'friendly fire' might be our greatest threat, which is a great shame.

Anyway, as well as all that, I'd like to put out a call to all 
musicians and maybe-musicians to polish their instruments and bring 
them to Belgrade, as I would like to sit round at the end of the day 
and see what strange, beautiful sounds we create. It's sure to be 

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Mark in London

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