[Pga_europe_process] Ivana: i feel ashamed

jespe017 at planet.nl jespe017 at planet.nl
Sun Jul 18 16:15:15 CEST 2004

pga_europe_process.squat.netjust little note. as citizen of serbia and
montenegro ( funny federation
with internal border and 2 monetary systems: dinars for serbia and euros for
montenegro) , i feel  really ashamed, those days.

ex-post Yugoslavia, the country which during the years of third world
politics and nonalignment  ( 50¹s 60¹s 70¹s 0 80¹s) didn¹t asked any  visas
( and oppositely to the URSS, of course)  for any ³third world country² (
asia, africa etc) , refused  some days ago visa for rayan, syrian refugee
and student from eurodusney.

abou,  refugee living in italy and having residence card in italy has to
wait  also 2 weeks for some answer in serbian embassy in  rome.

while shengen countries are imposing still segregational system of visas for
non-scengen countries ( including serbia), serbian servant liberal
government cancelled visas for scengen citizens. but still NOT  for scengen
citizens coming from ³suspicious²  zones like north africa etc..

this politics of new securitarianisme and paranoical anti-alkaidisme of
serbian liberal government  ( i am sure that the same is in slovenia,
croatia, macedonia etc) it¹s really a sad score after 30 years of
internationalisation and solidarity between middle developed or un-developed
countries ( which is serbia definitely today).


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