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Fin wrote:
>okay i reckon that the text on the yoruba beliefs is written from
>a colonialist partiarchal perspective of a martiarchal culture and
>it would be innapropriate to include this in a gender reader for the

I do not understand why the text on Oshun has been dropped.

OK it could be submitted in Yoruban, but then probably very few people
could rewad it. Marco of Eurodusnie expalined at the london conference
that all applications from Nigeria and Ghana have been treated as bogus,
 because he was of the opinion that they did not come from genuine groups
but people who were trying to gain admittance to the European Union but
were too stupid to realise that Serbia was not part of the EU.

There was some discussion about the way certain languages were imperialistic
(in particular English and Russian) - indeed it was decided that everything
should be produced in English, Post-Yugoslavian and Russian.

So simply because this story has been translated into English, is no
reason why it should not be included. It has hard to see any other reason
why it has been suggested that this text is written from a "colonialist
partiarchal perspective".

Perhaps we've got this non-hierarchical business wrong - but we thought
it was to do with not having a hierarchy, rather than just having a clique
pretending that they are not hierarchy.

Still if the worst comes to the worst, we can always use the reader as
fuel for the bonfire whilst we keep warm at night.

West Essex Zapatista

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