[Pga_europe_process] gender-reader submission

Maja i Milan decorte at eunet.yu
Tue Jul 20 09:28:11 CEST 2004

>> OK it could be submitted in Yoruban, but then probably very few people
>> could rewad it. Marco of Eurodusnie expalined at the london conference
>> that all applications from Nigeria and Ghana have been treated as bogus,
>>  because he was of the opinion that they did not come from genuine 
>> groups
>> but people who were trying to gain admittance to the European Union but
>> were too stupid to realise that Serbia was not part of the EU.
I am dealing with visa stuff for the pga conference in belgrade, and i 
pesonaly sent invitation letter to who ever asked for them no metter 
where he comes from. when there where signs that nigerian people wont 
get visa, we called the s&m embassy in lagos and talked with the stuff 
there & tried to explain that we need these people for the conference, 
but they said that they are late cause the procedure takes at least one 

"Prilagodjavanje prirodi, a ne prilagodjavanje prirode, formula je koja vrsti obezbedjuje trajnost" Borislav Pekic ("Besnilo")

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