[Pga_europe_process] yomango workshop

orianomada orianomada at sindominio.net
Tue Jul 20 13:04:00 CEST 2004

Hi, i'm Oriana from Yomango (barcelona). We are planing to arrived  to 
Belgrade 25th [we hope so... we are going by car]
I try to make the aplication for the workshop but i don't remamber my 
Well, i send to you all the proposal

Mas that workshop is a presentation. We try to open a debate on the 
practices of direct action in the commonness. On the consumption and 
the gratuidad. Yomango is a not commercial brand, which as all the 
brands, does not offer a product but a style and life. A disobedient 
way of life, anticapitalist.
For more info: www.yomango.net
Because you can´t buy Happiness...

We should use a video projector. Can you help the get some one. (We 
promise you that we return it ;-). Yomango always in your shopping 

We can make the workshop after 26th mitday. We allway preffer the 

OK. Thanks!
See you there!


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