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Delayed, because no Internet on camp site until now.


- Translations: Ali, Nol
- Facilitators: Nelly, Jean-Phi
- Spotter: Carole
- Minutes: Veggy



	- About last minutes
	- Recently arrived people
	- Decision making structure
	- Finance
	- Kitchen groups
	- Infopoint
	- site building
	- security (legal registration)
	- medical team
	- info point
	- computer space


	- outreach
	- programm
	- press conference (who?)
	- visibility day (what? where? who?)

D A I L Y   L I F E


All working groups should communicate their conclusions and ask for some
consensus on tricky during the plenary, keeping it short, though. Most
importantly, every working group should announce clear times and dates
for their meetings.

DSM people are not always coming to the plenaries, which leads to a
number of problems. We need more communication with the locals!


The voluntary camp people arrived (25 volunteers). 
Some people from Hanau, Germany have also arrived.
As a result, we should be around than 60 as of now.


Volunteers did pay PGA a fee of 15 euros. Rather than getting some food
in return, they should participate in the food preparation process
together with us. 

A special time will be organized to inform them about the conference
process, so that they know what it's all about and we can work together.

For more information on the volunteer camp, see minutes from the
preparatory meeting in London, during which this issue was discussed and
decided about.


Milan is taking care of finance.


A kitchen group has been made to discuss the organisation of an
autonomous kitchen prior to the conference, and *maybe* during the
conference. This group is *not* about cooking the food everyday, but
about setting up a structure so that this can be achieved.

As of now, the school's kitchen will be used. In the near future, an
external autonomous kitchen will be built, as to solve administrative
issues (which prevent us from using the school's kitchen too much). This
involves buying some cooking material - which has been delayed because
of problems what happened on Wednesday - but it will eventually be done, money
being provided by "Les Radis Noirs" (mobile kitchen from Montpellier).

Some more precise informations about how cooking is organized are
available outside the school and inside the kitchen. 

Current proposal involves:
	- breakfast is to be organised spontaneously in DIY fashion
	- there should be 3 dedicated teams per day: cooking lunch,
	  cooking dinner, shopping
	- this needs everyone to get involved and register, and they
	  expect this structure to remain active for at least part of
	  the conference
	- cooking within this structure should be *vegan*

If anyone knows of some mobile-kitchens arriving, please tell the
kitchen group.

During the conference, the RAD food company will cook for at least 300
people during conference. Problem is that they need to meet some people
able to teach them about how to cook some vegetarian food.

Fin volunteers for exchanging vegan/vegetarian recipes with them, which
involves visiting them to do skill-shares.


As of now, there's just one shower plus some toilets indoors, but
there's a need for more.

Some facilities need to be built from scratch, like dry toilets in the
football camp, and showers near the school. They need waterpipes, wood,
building material. An option is to go dumpster-diving and recycle stuff.

Meeting point for contributing to building is Wednesday 21st, 10am. This
is very urgent and should be done Wednesday at the latest, because some
more people are arriving and need such facilities. Volunteers will be
contributing to that.

Skipping should be done tonight.


	- PASS will be handed out to anyone involved to grant access to
	  the conference, and especially the camping-site. Workshops
	  will be opened to anyone, though. PASS will be delivered at
	  the infopoint.

	- There should be 10 people involved with security on a
	  permanent basis, to be dealt within the security group.
	  Everyone can be involved and register for shifts.

	- Though security is needed, we should be cautious about not
	  doing too much. For instance, the school yard and its
	  surroundings are being visited by locals, which provides us
	  with a great occasion to meet them. We have to remember we are
	  occupying *their* space, so we have no legitimacy nor interest
	  to kick them out.

	- A small lockable room will be available in the school for
	  stuff of value.

	- We need to start the security process now. A working-group
	  will meet after the meal.

	- Legal question: foreigners have been said they need to
	  register, and that a collective process would be carried.
	  Locals will come up with solutions within the next few days.

	- DSM office: some scuffles happened with a nationalist neighbour
	  willing to prevent people from accessing the basement, and eventually
	  assaulting a number of people in front of the building. Police came
	  and the situation somehow calmed down a bit, allowing people to get
	  inside. The confrontation involved some people from the neighbouring
	  bar, that kept a constant & threatening eye on the people going in
	  and out. As a result, the DSM has now been closed. So please pass the
	  word not to go to DSM, and phone people on the road when possible, so
	  that they come directly to Jajinci school instead.


	- Financial contribution: we will ask for a free price financial
	  contribution at the infopoint. Suggested price would be 15
	  euros, and people can give more or less, depending on their
	  particular financial situation. Potential left-overs will be
	  redistributed to some local collectives. The infopoint group
	  should hook-up with the financial group, so that money gets
	  picked up every day, if not more.

	- Physical location: the infopoint will stand next to the main
	  camping site (located on the football field) in a basement
	  that's provided by the local council. 
	- Visibility: for people to stop there before they head towards
	  the school, we need to put some visible signs out (banners,
	  placards). We will use some material stolen from the previous
	  elections for that ;)

	- Timetable: the infopoint will depend on everyone's
	  participation - people should subscribe on boards that will be
	  made available.

	- Purpose: the infopoint is about welcoming people, answering
	  questions and giving out the camp guide + the conference
	  reader, issuing PASS cards. For people arriving and willing to
	  help, the infopoint should maintain a list of working-groups
	  meetings and coordinators.


	- A computer working group will be meeting after the plenary.
	  Coordinators: Djrom, Veggy.
	- We don't have anymore broadband Internet connexion. We yet
	  have to setup a dialup Internet access on the Jajinci school.

	- Indymedia working space is being set up in the kids' school.

	- Due to current lack of bandwidth, we most probably won't be
	  able to provide the camp with an open internet café.


	- A working-group is dealing with it. Coordinators: Quentin &

	- There's a need for writers and translators, and general
	  structure of the contents.


	- Nearly all work on the timetable has been lost until now,
	  because of the problems at DSM office, and Paula desperatly
	  needs help to build it up again! 3 people volunteered.



	- Situation: there's been a lot of outreach to the local
	  population, mainly through games with kids. The kid corner
	  will be opened to all local kids.

	- Workshops for kids, opened local people:
		- at 2pm every day, there will be a juggling workshop
		- at 4pm from Wednesday on, a daily hip-hop workshop will

	- Visibility: the locals around us are wondering about who we
	  are and what we are about, so there should be a sign on the
	  outside, so that people get an idea, in addition to speaking
	  to us.

	- Communication material: there's already a flyer in Serbian
	  available, that we should hand out to locals. We also have
	  huge quantities of posters announcing the conference, as well
	  as international calls for the conference. The people from DSM
	  asked for some volunteers to help hand out flyers to the
	  people in Belgrade.

	- Event: we should organise a public event *before* the
	  conference starts. The kitchen group has proposed to organise
	  a meal to share with locals, but some object this would
	  involve a lot of work, while we already have a hard time
	  setting this up. Elsa proposes to create a working-group
	  around the issue, but needs some locals to join. Nicolu
	  facilitates the contact.


	- An agenda for future meetings will be done by Nicolu and Elsa.


	- This will not be a national-wide press conference, rather a
	  meeting with local institution representatives.

	- There's a proposal for 4 people to talk at the press
	  conference: 2 people from Eurodusnie, 1 person from Germany,
	  and a local from DSM.

	- The press conference will be at 12pm in the village
	  restaurant. Since it is open to some other volunteers, there
	  will be a preparatory meeting at 11am on Wednesday, to
	  discuss. No one will speak in the name of PGA, but *about*

	- If we are to refuse leaders, it would be nice that more people
	  participate as to show diversity.

N E X T   M E E T I N G 


	- visibility day, decision-making process (which will be the
	  first point).


	- Veggy


	- problem: we have not yet started a translations group, which
	  is essential to the meeting and we already feel the need for
	  it. Some of the volunteers arrived on Wednesday.

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