[Pga_europe_process] Re: Antisystemic Library meeting in Belgrade

evol at c6.org evol at c6.org
Tue Jul 20 18:29:47 CEST 2004

many thanks for the offer: i think that the athenium would be a perfect
venue for the meeting:

how about having the meeting on 28th, that way those that want to can
still feed back into the pga process (29th being the last day of the pga


On Tue, July 20, 2004 10:28 am, Anarho-sindikalisticka inicijativa said:
> Comrades,
> group of people from Belgrade and Novi Sad local groups of ASI, who are
> involved in organizing of class orientated anarchists meetings in
> Belgrade,
> decided that it would be quite interesting for us to host your meeting in
> the Belgrade Athenaeum - Workers cultural center (Athenaeum organized by
> the
> Belgrade local group of Union confederation "Anarcho-syndicalist
> initiative").
> Athenaeum will be used for organizing of different discussions among
> anarchists during the PGA conference (among others: ."Terror"&"human
> rights"
> as bourgeoisie concepts; Indy- or anti-media?; Organizing in fragmented
> work
> conditions; So-called violence and gender; International coordination of
> workers' initiatives; ideas of class and issues in class - issues in
> collectivism and the individual etc.), but it is important to notice that
> things happening in Athenaeum are not linked with the PGA conference
> itself.
> We don't have contact with PGA and we don't want to have contact with PGA.
> For us 29th is perfect date - since we'll start with the discussions on
> 25th
> and 26th - after that we'll see to make a break for couple of days because
> of the "Abolishing of the borders from below" (Eastern European anarchist
> newspaper) meetings that have to take place, and we're thinking of having
> discussions again on 28th and 29th.
> Tell us what you think!
> Salud, anarquia y colectivismo
> Internet team of Union confederation "Anarcho-syndicalist initiative"
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> Subject: Antisystemic Library meeting in Belgrade
>> hi,
>> we've been talking about an antisystemic library / distributed library
>> project during part the PGA conference in Belgrade
>> the date 29th july has been suggested, but we are not sure of a venue
>> please let us know where and when and if you would like to have this
> meeting
>> see also http://dlp.theps.net
>> http://dlpdev.theps.net
>> http://antisystemic.org
>> xasim
>> LARC library
>> http://londonarc.org

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