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Below is a workshop proposal and a greeting.

Happy Hello I'll be arriving friday morning. Thanks to all of you who have 
been doing such a lot of hard work to get this off the ground in Belgrade 
and elsewhere. I am enjoying reading the emails of people arriving to help 
and participate :)

Solidarity & Oxygen
 Green action (Gluaiseacht affiliate),
 Belfast, Northern Ireland

Technology, Politics and Democracy
  This workshop will include some brief presentation on new technologies,
their social impact, and what government or other regulatory processes
exist for new technologies. There will be open space for discussion. Groups
and individuals who are working on issues of technology politics can share
their experiences and strategies. Discussion topics to include: Public
opinions/fears/anxieties around new technologies, particularly GMOs, and
what strategies biotech corporations might use to allay these fears. Some
remarks upon the negotiation of technological zones and international
standards in the European Union and what this means for the rest of us. How
and when are women disproportianately effected by technology. What is
nanotechnology and what nanoparticles have already been approved for
release into the environment?

I'll be pleased to collaborate with others in organising these discussions.

On Jul 17 2004, friday wrote:

> Hi,
> I think it would be very important to have an overview of proposed 
> workshops very soon. I think it would be a good idea to decentralise the 
> information about workshops that have been proposed so far by sending 
> them to this list.
> This is an attempt of putting together information sent to this list. 
> Please note: I am not in Belgrade, so there is more information available 
> which was sent to the conference organising team/ the conference website.
> *******
> Workshops, Presentations and Debates 
> an incomplete list of proposals for Belgrade conference 
> see: http://www.all4all.org/2004/07/978.shtml
> A preliminary overview of the topics and workshops so far was once 
> announced to be "available by July 7-8 at the latest.. probably earlier" 
> - this does not seemed to have worked out. There was a plan to organise 
> the applications that have been submitted so far into a program matrix 
> and then regular web-updates with short abstracts of the workshops on a 
> daily or two-day basis (at
>  http://www.pgaconference.org ). 
> # Gender issues (Gender Day or series of workshops, debates, etc.) 
> # Migration (Migration Day) 
> # Working conditions, class, workers and non-workers struggles, labor 
> society (Labour Day)
> # Critics of industrial society, sustainable technologies # Critics of 
> European integration, Balkan situation, nationalism # Alternatives to 
> capitalism # Militarisation of politics, wars, imperialism and social 
> control # Global movement : Are we a movement ? what next ? going out of 
> the ghetto
> # PGA structures 
> *** 

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