[Pga_europe_process] Workshop announcement

sergio oceransky sergio.o at gmx.net
Sat Jul 24 00:04:12 CEST 2004

hi there!

apologies for sending this so late. i hope it is still possible to add 
something to the programme. I only knew today for sure that i would be 
going and when and i would arrive. i arrive on monday in the early 
morning (although i'm catching the first bus in 1 hour), so please, if 
this workshop can still be added to the programme, bear in mind that i 
cannot do it before the 2nd session of monday.

This is a very short description of the workshop:

Extending Roots
Tour of Palestinian Internationalists, Iraki Feminists, Israeli 
Pacifists and Queer Arab Activists

Project aimed at expanding, diversifying and consolidating solidarity 
between activists in Europe and the Arab World, raising awareness about 
the deep interdependency that runs along all sides of the Mediterranean 
on a wide diversity of issues, contributing to overcome the gaps in 
trans-mediterranean cooperation, and fighting against the manufacturing 
of a 'clash of civilisations' and the growing fears among most 
Europeans towards Arab countries and people. The project consist of two 
parallel speakers’ tours of 120 days each in European countries and the 
production and distribution of different materials, and culminates in 
an international meeting to plan further actions against all forms of 
oppression and for positive social change in the Euromed region. Young 
activists from Middle East countries play a major role in the project, 
including its planning and preparation. It should be followed by a 
similar project to consolidate the network in the Middle East, Turkey 
and the North of Africa.

Confirmed tour participants:
* 2 coordinators of the International Solidarity Movement (Palestine)
* 2 israeli activists campaigning for peace, social justice and against 
the Occupation and the Apartheid Wall
* 1 Lebanese queer activist

Still to be confirmed:
* 2 representatives of the Organisation for Women's Freedom in Irak
* 1 more queer activist

Dates: tours: October 04 - March 05 in 2 different groups with 
independent routes. final gathering: Easter 05.


p.s. since i have been silent in this list until now, i'd like to take 
the chance to express my gratitude to all the people who are doing such 
a great job at making this happen despite all the real difficulties and 
all the puzzling discussions and correspondence in this list. 

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