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Samba Climatico Caravan !!

Where do crazy ideas come from?
A convoj of sambistas and friends leaving a rainy and summer cold
Belgrade. The departure of hundreds of inspired and inspiring PGA
connected people, diverging like a web of hope and satisfaction of having
shared the diverse experience of the 3rd European PGA Conference. Ritual
concerns about transporting masses of people, for the cause of creating a
different world with hopefully a little less threatened (and threatening)

Where do they take us?
Well we, are going to Nepal. To Katmandu. It has been proposed, and
endorsed by the 3rd European PGA conference that this would be the place
of the 4th Global PGA Conference, in June 2005 (3 months before the next
WTO and 1 month before the G8 summit). Will this be it, then we will soon
be starting to make plans and dream about how to get there and how to
activate our global networks to prepare for another amazing expression of
our existence.

Some people have already started to dream. With the rhythm of samba in our
hearts (samba lifting the spirits at the PGA conference in Belgrade), we
vision a multi-coloured explosion of political expression, a caravan of
climate concerns and campaigning, a musical melange dancing us through the
various cultures and countries reaching from Europe to Nepal. No more
flying, no more pass-bying. We want to stopp at as many places as possible
and share and dare our political beliefs. We want to grow and overflow by
people joining along the route. We believe that surely, there is no other
way than the Samba Climatico! Caravan.

We are now at point zero. We still need to mingle in the samba networks
into the project. And the climate people. And the noborder people. And all
the other PGA connected people. And we need to find some money...piece of
cake! Or, we wish it was. But nevertheless, we believe we will make this
dream come true. And we believe there must be many more people out there
who would like to share it with us. To get in touch and get some feedback
on this idea is step one. Let’s begin our communication through the
pga_resistance-list or you can respond to the sender. The more people who
raise their voices, the stronger will the echo of response grow. Show us
where we go from here!


Shine / Rhythms of Resistance

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