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hello there are some people that are trying to get on the process list for 
quite some time. i don't know what is wrong... can the person who is moderating

the list please put: katica - dsm, belgrad (kate_basis at yahoo.com), conni - 
lava303, kosovo and frankfrurt (conni303 at yahoo.com), jelena spk, belgrad 
(argo at yubc.net), darko (darkolj at zamir.net)



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I just put some pictures of  the conference on www.all4all.org 
I have more quite nice ones, but I dont know  if people are happy to get 
published. I tried to keep most of them anonymous...
On www.acidrocknroll.org you can find the videoclip Kosova Trans (a documentary

about Crossing Bridges Festival and Road of Peace), which we showed at our 
workshop about Kosovo and also infos about the music, I played thursday night 
at SKC.
greetings and thanx to everybody!
P.S: I dont know if this list is still working, if not maybe somebody can 
forward it to a working list or put me inside with this adress.It  would be 
nice to stay connected to the after pga process. Also i would like to know 
whats going to happen with this balcan group meeting...

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