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Andrej Grubacic zapata at sezampro.yu
Wed Aug 4 01:49:01 CEST 2004

 Situation is not naive. Almost all  front-pages of Serbian dailies are full
of pictures of rioters (from Genoa and other places) saying that "Peoples
Global Action is training the workers, giving them tips how to block roads
and deal with police....". PGA is, according to right wing press, "behind
all demonstrations in Serbia".

We are in a very uncomfortable position. On one hand, it is almost funny,
because I don't think that PGA was so much promoted in right wing press
since Geneva ( almost every daily has a report about "antiglobalists
blocking whole Serbia"- one title among so many) and on the other it is
ominous because it is, of course, an action of  big business lobby with
intention to distract the attention from the real causes of the protests,
discovering an "organizer from abroad" ( old technique state was
entertaining in 70's when "communist busses" were coming to Germany to
"train workers in strike"); this could be an introduction to more serious
state repression. There is already some attempts in this regard.

In any case, PGA made headlines here. Big time. Visibility, heh?

But, more seriously, this could turn out to be a very dangerous game.


"We are not anarchists by Bakunin or the CNT, but rather by our own
grandmothers, and that's a beautifull school of anarchism"
            Mujeres Creando

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> Hi,
> apparently, PGA has made the headlines of some newspapers in Serbia for
> allegedly initiated workers strikes by inviting workers to the conference?
> http://www.glas-javnosti.co.yu/danas/srpski/D04080204.shtml
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