[Pga_europe_process] FW: rampART invitation to autonomous ESF crash space

el renegado renegado at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Aug 11 05:37:19 CEST 2004

Hello lovelies

i 'd like to send many thanks from myself and the other london sambistas to
all who helped make the belgrade conference happen- you all are great

for us it was a rich and inspiring experience - and our engagement with the
conference and local communities has given us much food for action and
thought to sustain us through the coming months- thank you all

I'd also like to forward this invitation from some of our friends here in
london who are offering places to stay for people coming over for the
European Social Forum and its many alternatives-
Ramparts are an excellent and dynamic squat collective and their invitation
follows below-
- if you intend to take up their offer- please contact them soon

in love and rhythms
rhythms of resistance london


rampART invitation to autonomous ESF crash space

The rampART is an autonomous creative centre and social space in a squatted
school in East London. Last month the organising collective agreed to make
the space available for autonomous organising and accomodation between the
12th and the 18th of October, as well as laying on cheap/free skipped food
breakfasts and evening meals.

Anyone attending the ESF, both visiting internationals and UK nationals from
outside London, are welcome but the invitation is aimed particularly at
those on a tight budget. Crash space is limited and so people should let us
know in advance if they wish to stay here.

The rampART space will also be available for meetings, prop making, banner
painting etc. It will also act as an indymedia access point for people to
post their reports or prepare photos or videos. Please pass this information
on to any groups that might need the facilities, we'd like to hear from
interested groups so we can prepare efficiently.

Events are being organised between 13th -17th October. The official ESF
venues include Alexandra Palace in north London, and the Bloomsbury area
south of Kings Cross. Other significant venues include Conway Hall
( http://www.conwayhall.org.uk/) and there will also be lots of autonomous
activities happening elsewhere in London. We hope to get together a pool of
communal bikes for people to use, plus suggestions for other inventive
affordable travel solutions.

Please feel free to pass this invitation to your friends who may be looking
for free accomodation during the ESF period.

contact us via rampart(at)mutualaid.org
 http://www.rampart.co.nr - rampART website

other relevent links:
 http://www.fse-esf.org/ - official ESF website
 http://esf2004.net/ - open ESF website
 http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/actions/2004/esf/ - UK indymedia topic page
for the ESF 
 http://www.enrager.net/features/esf/ - a non authoritarian perspective
 http://www.europeancreativeforum.org/ - a non political perspective?
 http://www.altspaces.net/ - autonomous spaces in london
part ram 
e-mail: rampart(at)mutualaid.org
Homepage: http://www.rampart.co.nr

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