[Pga_europe_process] Balkan meeting

Dimitris Pavlopoulos Dparlopoulos at wanadoo.nl
Wed Aug 11 19:37:26 CEST 2004

This is the message concerning the Balkan meeting
HELLO you BALKAN PEOPLE (and friends)!

This is Eleni from Greece.

I'm sorry for not having contacted with you earlier but it was
impossible having an internet connection in the island I have been since
I left Belgrade. 
Anyway, the mailing list is to be constructed really soon..

Until then we can all start thinking about our next meeting and prepare
ideas, topics for discussion and working groups, that is if we are all
still on for this.

I would like to inform you that if no other proposal for a meeting comes
up, our proposal for Thessaloniki still exists. Our group (Struggle
Initiative) has discussed some important details, i.e. 
1. the possibility of having invitations sent to anyone needing sth like
that for having easier access to visas and things like that. A trade
union (not governmental or reformist!) or a students' group from Greece
can take this responsibility, in order for people arriving more
"officially" and easier to Greece. 
2. the possibility we have to host such an event inside university
campuses and that means no rent and no police.
3. we can have a lot of people prepare this event in Greece. And I mean
a lot.! 

Of course we will be very willing to help anyone-any ones that will
finally hold this procedure in their place. 

please, inform anyone you believe is interested and their name is not in
the list I had.

I hope you are all very well and I really want to meet you soon,
anywhere possible. 
Of course, anyone is invited to Greece whenever!

epag at panafonet.gr
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