[Pga_europe_process] Conference report: who would like to write something ?

Olivier De Marcellus elviejo at greenmail.ch
Wed Aug 18 11:58:08 CEST 2004

Hi all !
My first call (below) 2 weeks ago for reports from workshops has had 
almost no result, so if you have got back from your holidays and 
recovered from the Belgrade sun, please get with it !
I did get a proposition (also below) from someone who wanted to do a 
short  personal evaluation, particularly if there were a few others to 
put together, which seems an excellent idea to me, so if others want to 
write somethng, even very short...

Hello all !
Harriet (for the plenary notes), Emma, James, Rosa, Vincent, Sjur, Elsa, 
Frano, Andrej and I  all signed up for putting together a report (anyone 
else?). So the first urgent (before you forget what those notes meant) 
thing is to send us all the material you have on the different 
workshops, proposals, etc.
For the moment you can send it all to me: Put "For the report " as 
subject please and it will go in a special file.
Big hugs to all you lovely people,

Hi Olivier,
i would like to write a personal evaluation of the conference. I really 
liked the conference. Perhaps some others would like to do the same? The 
report will become that way a little bit more personal than only reports 
of workshops and minutes.If you think it is a good idea will you send a 
request to the list for more personal evaluations?

see you in London?


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